We specialize in the coverage and management of broadcast events, and the production of audiovisual content and television programs. We work with a global network of media professionals, to bring the tools of media to the service of an issue and its eventual stakeholders. Working with communication teams, we develop and implement outreach strategies and information campaigns.


  • Host broadcasting, audiovisual coverage & distribution. 

  • Media infrastructure, broadcast facilities and services. . 

  • Live, multiple camera, multiple source, & remote transmissions.

  • Interviews, daily highlights, pool coverage and other audio-visual content.

  • Media outreach & training, development of key messages.

  • Technical requirements: tenders, evaluation and audits.


  • Broadcasting: Eurovision (EBU), Asiavision (ABU), US-POOL, APTN, Reuters TV, ABC Australia, ORF Austria, BBC UK, CBC Canada, YLE Finland, TF1/France Television, France 2, France 5, ARTE, JCS Israel, Canal 11 Mexico, Al-Jazeera Qatar, NOS Netherlands, NBT Thailand, NHK Japan, TV3 Cataluña, SABC South Africa, ABC/SBS Australia, RTS Switzerland.    
  • Corporate & institutional:  Ericsson, International AIDS Society, World Bank, UNTV, UNICEF, UNDP, UNAIDS, WHO, Asian Development Bank, Global Fund, European Commission (ECHO), Mainline Stichting. 


Broadcast news coverage

  • Elections: Azerbadjan, Argentina, France, India, Israel, Paraguay, Namibia, Paraguay, South Africa, Thailand, USA.
  • Conflicts: Caucasus, Romania, Ex-Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Haiti, Nagorno-Kharabakh, Iraq, Kuwait, Gulf wars, Zaïre, Rwanda, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Fall of Soviet Union...
  • Other Events:  Euro 2016, Paris attacks, Thailand crisis and floods, Haiti earthquake, Hong Kong retrocession, Nelson Mandela's Release, US-USSR summits, Return of Norodom Sihanouk, Kurdish Refugee Crisis...
  • Political Summits: G7, G8, G20, European Commission. NATO, US Conventions, Middle East, US-USSR Summits, World Economic Forum, Pope travels, Gorbachov visit to Cuba... 

International AIDS Conferences  

  • Amsterdam (2018)
  • Paris (2017)
  • Durban (2016)
  • Melbourne (2014)
  • Kuala Lumpur (2013)
  • Washington DC (2012)
  • Vienna (2010)
  • Mexico (2008)
  • Sydney (2007)
  • Toronto (2006)
  • Bangkok (2004)
  • Barcelona (2002)
  • Melbourne (2001)
  • Durban (2000)
  • Geneva (1998)


  • Pride Not Prejudice - India's Sex Worker Evolution (166 pages color/B&W)
    • Photographic exhibition at ICAAP Bangkok (Nov. 2013)



  • Accessibility High-Tech, "A vous de voir" (2017) 25min - with BKM
  • Seules dans la nuit, "A vous de voir" (2017) 26min - with BKM
  • Les Missionnaires des Chin Hills (2016) 53min - with Poissons Volants
  • Nouvelles Visions au Myanmar, "A vous de voir" (2016) 26min - with BKM
  • Connecting Myanmar (2013) 40min
  • Pride Not Prejudice (2012) 40min
  • Silencing the Press - journalist killings in the Philippines (2011) 26min
  • Forget Me Not (2011) 26min
  • Until There's a Cure... A short history of the AIDS epidemic (2010) 48min
  • The Hidden Heart of Borneo (2009) 40min
  • Sound Off - CBI-VA the Golden Edition (2007) 75min & 52min
  • Make It Real (to me) (2005) 52min
  • Sinesipho: Why Must I Die? (2005) 57min - with Article Z
  • Ellen & Terrorism (2004) 60min - with Article Z