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I specialize in the coverage and management of broadcast events, and the production of audiovisual content and television programs. I work with a global network of media professionals, to bring the tools of media to the service of an issue and its eventual stakeholders. Working with communication teams, I help develop and implement outreach strategies and information campaigns.


  • Host broadcasting, audiovisual coverage & distribution. 

  • Media infrastructure, broadcast facilities and services. . 

  • Live, multiple camera, multiple source, & remote transmissions.

  • Interviews, daily highlights, pool coverage and other audio-visual content.

  • Media outreach & training, development of key messages.

  • Technical requirements: tenders, evaluation and audits.


  • Broadcasting: Eurovision (EBU), Asiavision (ABU), US-POOL, APTN, Reuters TV, ABC Australia, ORF Austria, BBC UK, CBC Canada, YLE Finland, TF1/France Television, France 2, France 5, ARTE, JCS Israel, Canal 11 Mexico, Al-Jazeera Qatar, NOS Netherlands, NBT Thailand, NHK Japan, TV3 Cataluña, SABC South Africa, ABC/SBS Australia, RTS Switzerland, LInkTV USA, CNN, CBS News, ABC News.

  • Corporate & institutional: Ericsson, International AIDS Society, World Bank, UNTV, UNICEF, UNDP, UNAIDS, WHO, Asian Development Bank, Global Fund, European Commission (ECHO), Mainline Stichting.


Broadcast news coverage

  • Elections: Azerbadjan, Argentina, France, India, Israel, Paraguay, Namibia, Paraguay, South Africa, Thailand, USA...

  • Conflicts: Caucasus, Romania, Ex-Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Haiti, Nagorno-Kharabakh, Iraq, Kuwait, Gulf wars, Zaïre, Rwanda, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Fall of Soviet Union...

  • Other Events: Euro 2016, Paris attacks, Thailand crisis and floods, Haiti earthquake, Hong Kong retrocession, Nelson Mandela's Release, US-USSR summits, Return of Norodom Sihanouk, Kurdish Refugee Crisis...

  • Political Summits: G7, G8, G20, European Commission. NATO, US Conventions, Middle East, US-USSR Summits, World Economic Forum, Pope travels, Gorbachov visit to Cuba...

Other conferences

  • Women Deliver (Vancouver, 2019)

International AIDS Conferences  

  • Mexico (2019)

  • Amsterdam (2018)

  • Paris (2017)

  • Durban (2016)

  • Melbourne (2014)

  • Kuala Lumpur (2013)

  • Washington DC (2012)

  • Vienna (2010)

  • Mexico (2008)

  • Sydney (2007)

  • Toronto (2006)

  • Bangkok (2004)

  • Barcelona (2002)

  • Melbourne (2001)

  • Durban (2000)

  • Geneva (1998)


  • Pride Not Prejudice - India's Sex Worker Evolution (166 pages color/B&W)

    • Photographic exhibition at ICAAP Bangkok (Nov. 2013)



  • Mississippi Dreaming, 13 days with the Moutin Factory Quintet (2019) 74min

  • Accessibility High-Tech, "A vous de voir" (2017) 25min - with BKM

  • Seules dans la nuit, "A vous de voir" (2017) 26min - with BKM

  • Les Missionnaires des Chin Hills (2016) 53min - with Poissons Volants

  • Nouvelles Visions au Myanmar, "A vous de voir" (2016) 26min - with BKM

  • Connecting Myanmar (2013) 40min

  • Pride Not Prejudice (2012) 40min

  • Silencing the Press - journalist killings in the Philippines (2011) 26min

  • Forget Me Not (2011) 26min

  • Until There's a Cure... A short history of the AIDS epidemic (2010) 48min

  • The Hidden Heart of Borneo (2009) 40min

  • Sound Off - CBI-VA the Golden Edition (2007) 75min & 52min

  • Make It Real (to me) (2005) 52min

  • Sinesipho: Why Must I Die? (2005) 57min - with Article Z

  • Ellen & Terrorism (2004) 60min - with Article Z